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Cooperstown Family Calendar of Events

Springfield, NY, Fourth of July Parade
Springfield Fourth of July Parade

Read about the latest family attractions events in the Cooperstown area, including news from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Farmers' Museum, and Fenimore Art Museum.

Cooperstown on a Budget

Cooperstown NY Community Band
The Cooperstown Community Band offers free concerts during the summer

Gas prices and general inflation got you down? Maximize your hard-earned money by following these money-saving Cooperstown vacation tips.

Family Travel Beyond Cooperstown

Howe Caverns, Cobleskill, NY
Howe Caverns in Cobleskill, NY, features an 80-minute tour of a living, limestone cave, carved by an underground river over the course of millions of years, located 156-feet below the earth's surface!

Cooperstown is truly a great American travel destination, but did you know that many of the surrounding towns offer endless scenic beauty and many family-oriented attractions? Read all about visiting "Otsego County and just beyond!"

Cooperstown For Your Parents' Special Getaway

Lakefront Park, Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY
Lakefront Park can provide a place for parents to reconnect and reflect

Parents need their own special time together, too. read about why Cooperstown can be a special getaway for Mom and Dad!

Cooperstown tourists create Web Site to help fellow tourists with their family trip planning

Cooperstown NY Fourth of July Photo
A Fourth of July celebration scene at Lakefront Park, Cooperstown, NY (Cooperstown For Kids File Photo)

Welcome to Cooperstown for Kids, a special Web Site that focuses on the magical spirit of Cooperstown, NY -- and all of its great attractions -- for your family trip-planning needs.

Written exclusively by tourists, Cooperstown for Kids features articles written from the heart and with good reason: we, and other Cooperstown for Kids writers, love the Cooperstown area for its unspoiled scenic beauty, a classic Main Street from another era, myriad attractions and friendly locals.

I first visited Cooperstown in 1972 when my folks took us on a lake vacation at the Lake n' Pines Motel (still here). We loved staying by beautiful Otsego Lake, eating at the comfortable Red Sleigh restaurant (unfortunately, gone) and, of course, visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.  I didn't return until the late 80s and ever since then have returned on a regular basis. Revered businesses like Sherry's Turkey Farm and the Glimmerglass Restaurant might be gone, but what remains forever constant is a village stuck in time for all the right reasons.  Through preservation and a great community master plan, Cooperstown evokes memories of what your town used to look like before they replaced your community with generic housing developments, chain stores and shopping centers, and that overall dreaded "anytown USA" cookie-cutter look.  Cooperstown is the antidote to such disturbing, modern-day community development plans.

The journey of traveling west on Route 20 through charming yet modest small towns, experiencing the stunning distant Adirondack Mountain views from Cherry Valley, and then turning left on Route 80 to soon see the first glimpses of pristine Otsego Lake is priceless. It's like we're coming home. Of course, entering the village via Lake St., with all its proud, old homes, getting a quick look at Lakefront Park, going past the Clinton Dam and the beginning of the Susquehanna River and then turning right onto Main Street is one of those experiences that we think about daily when not in Cooperstown.
Cooperstown is indeed a magical place, one of those communities that makes you feel healthy and vital. Perhaps it is the mix of the fresh air, the abundant plant life, the views of Otsego Lake and the gentle rolling hills, wonderful tree-lined neighborhoods or those friendly people that make it such a wonderful place, but I feel there is an unknown additional factor that separates Cooperstown "from the rest."

You just have to be there! Cooperstown is a special family travel destination made to enjoy now and for your children, most likely to return many years later, as adults eternally in love with this special place.

Enjoy your family visit to Cooperstown!

Best regards,
Eric at

Featuring Cooperstown travel videos and classic baseball clips to get you in the Cooperstown spirit! All videos are rated G for the whole family to enjoy!

This page features a laugh-out-loud Disney cartoon with Goofy teaching us how to play baseball:


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Kid-Friendly Hotels in Cooperstown

Best Western Inn and Suites Cooperstown pool
Best Western Inn and Suites at the Commons

Browse Cooperstown, NY, Hotels - - Compare rates, make online reservations at discount rates!

Cooperstown for Kids Hotel Travel Tip of the Day: If you are planning to be in Cooperstown for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's Hall of Fame Weekend on July 25-28(with Induction on Sunday July 27), RESERVE NOW! Rooms fill up quickly for this historical, and fun weekend!

Otsego Lake
Lake View Motel
Terrace Motor Inn

Green Apple Inn

Minutes to the Village
Red Carpet Inn

Hotel Chains Near Cooperstown Dreams Park
Best Western Inn and Suites at the Commons
Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Cooperstown

Lodging Near Cooperstown

Cherry Valley
Richfield Springs

Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast

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