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Howe Caverns in Cobleskill, NY, features an 80-minute tour of a living, limestone cave, carved by an underground river over the course of millions of years, located 156-feet below the earth's surface!

Cooperstown is truly a great American travel destination, but did you know that many of the surrounding towns offer endless scenic beauty and many family-oriented attractions? Read all about visiting "Otsego County and just beyond!"

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Take a visual tour of Cooperstown at The Cooperstown Slide Show. Depending upon your computer speed, it may take anywhere from one minute to 12 years to load (OK, a bit of a stretch -- maybe 11 years).

The Adventures of Goldilocks O'Brien

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 There's no shortage of  Cooperstown area restaurants that cater to every taste at affordable prices.

Cooperstown Diner, Cooperstown, NY
The Cooperstown Diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a family-friendly, classic hometown diner setting
(photo by Eric H.)

(Cooperstown Family-Friendly Restaurant Dining Reviews, Cooperstown, NY) - Cooperstown, NY, has a lot of "specials" on its vacation menu, including many family-friendly restaurants featuring colorful settings, affordable prices and delicious food.

Cooperstown NY napkin graphicOur favorite Cooperstown restaurant is the Doubleday Cafe
(93 Main St., Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-5468), located in the heart of the Village of Cooperstown. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Doubleday Cafe seems to hit a home run with every meal they serve -- omelets, wraps, salads, steak dinners, creative seafood specials, delicious desserts, to name a few.  The Doubleday Cafe perhaps catches the spirit of Cooperstown the best of any Cooperstown restaurant. The busy, inviting dining room/bar area with high ceilings, big picture windows overlooking beautiful Main St., sports on the televisions, and crowds of  "locals" and visitors help make the Doubleday Cafe an unofficial community meeting place -- with terrific food, of course!

Despite some minor annoyances (like charging 75 cents for a lemon in our glass of water), T.J.'s Grille 
(124 Main St., Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-4040) is also an excellent family dining choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. T.J.'s atmosphere is fun with neon flourishes, a large screen television, black and white tile floors, a display case of baked goods, statues of Laurel and Hardy, an adjoining gift shop, pinball games at the entrance and a Dino the Dinosaur (from that brilliant television and transcending cartoon show, The Flintstones) ride out front. T.J.'s makes an excellent mac and cheese, roast chicken and turkey dinners, meatloaf and over sized sandwiches. T.J.'s is also located in the heart of the Village, making it convenient to many Cooperstown attractions.

An up-and-coming restaurant is The Pit (34-36 Pioneer St., Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-9611), located in the cellar of the Tunnicliff Inn. Formerly a mediocre restaurant with a limited lunch menu and really crabby waitresses, The Pit has transformed into an extremely well-run restaurant with more sophisticated, pleasant service, a wider variety of comfort and healthier foods, and a childrens' menu with bargain prices.  The Pit always had potential with its cozy, dimly-lit basement oasis and now it has finally delivered on its promise. Parents can have tasty salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches for lunch or impressive looking steak, seafood and chicken dishes for dinner, while the kids can enjoy the requisite hot dogs, chicken fingers and pasta -- by the way, done better than most other restaurants.  The Pit has a very good chef in its kitchen!

Of course, no visit to Cooperstown would be complete without a visit to the tiny Cooperstown Diner
(136 1/2 Main St., Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-9201).  This landmark diner really does a tremendous job with breakfast and lunch, as well as with their limited dinner menu. It's everything a diner should be -- pleasantly plain with quick, friendly service, booths and a counter area, and lots of home style food.  The Cooperstown Diner isn't much bigger than your home's family room, so you can expect a wait sometimes --  outside of the restaurant as there's no indoor waiting area, of course!

Hoffman Lane Bistro (Hoffman Lane, Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-7055) and Hawkeye Grill (60 Lake St Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-9931) in the Otesaga Resort Hotel might initially seem like more like special date places for parents, but both are quite accommodating to well- behaved children. Hoffman Lane Bistro features multi- level dining with a sleek, contemporary design. Hoffman's has a children's menu, and paper tablecloths for children and really immature adults to color with crayons. For the adults, the menu selection and quality of food rivals that of any highly regarded urban dining spot. We recommend a mixed greens or Caesar salad, chicken alfredo with roasted red peppers, artichokes, pearl onions and penne, pan seared salmon with basmati rice and lemon caper sauce and the beyond tasty meatloaf dinner.  The Hawkeye Grill is simply wonderful, a restaurant with lovely views of Otsego Lake (with memorable outdoor dining in the summer) and type of food you'd expect from a first-class hotel landmark. The Hawkeye allows casual (but neat) dressing and is actually a good family vacation -- unusual for restaurants of this genre.  We love the fillet mignon of beef tenderloin, the grilled shrimp risotto and any "seafood of the day" special. Service is professional and refined but very friendly, thus adding to the Hawkeye's presence as a valid place for a well-behaved family to eat!

With its own delicious freshly-brewed roasted coffee made in small batches and excellent salads, wraps,  baked goods and ice cream, Stagecoach Coffee (31 Pioneer St., Cooperstown, Tel. 607-547-5568) is sure to please virtually everyone in the family looking for something yummy to eat in the Village of Cooperstown.  It's a small, modern clean and attractive place with a charming, private outdoor dining patio for the warmer weather. Service is pleasant, always quick, the atmosphere is joyfully small-town, and the quality of everything we've had here is perhaps the overall best for lunch and breakfast in Cooperstown.  Recommended: the fresh roasted coffee, and ham or turkey panini sandwiches.

DiMaggio's Cooperstown Hot Dog (4561 State Highway 28, Milford, NY, Tel. 607-2547-5400) puts the fast food chains to shame, offering very tasty all-beef New York, Chicago and southern-style hot dogs, hand-pressed burgers and even health-conscious meals like the grilled veggie sandwich with portobello mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, onion, carrot, provolone (hey, wait, that's not a veggie!) and sundried tomato mayo. DiMaggio's also features the one-of-a-kind "Cooperstown Hot Dog" with New York cheddar, apple relish, sauerkraut and bacon! DiMaggio's makes an excellent New York pastrami and Philly Cheese Steak we've been told, as well as a surprisingly good grilled chicken Ceasar salad and grilled chicken  Asian
salad.  There's enough ice cream selection to feed an entire baseball team and the portions are astounding -- especially the "specialty" sundaes (banana split, chocolate chip cookie, strawberry shortcake and hot fudge brownie). The atmosphere is pleasant enough, too, with a counter and booths inside, an outdoor patio. DiMaggio's is truly a great family dining destination with fast food done right at affordable prices.  You can have a complete meal for just over $5.00 (includes baked beans, chili or fries).  We wish DiMaggio's was open beyond just the summer, but we'll take its fast food greatness for this short amount of  time, anyday!  

Although we recently discovered KC's Corner (5705 US HWY 20, East Springfield NY, Tel. 
it will always have a special place in our hearts.  Coming in from a gray, dismal summer day (unusual in the Cooperstown area), we were greeted by a kind, smiling staff, and some wonderful-smelling homemade pies just out of the oven. We felt at home right away and the excellent homemade meatloaf, turkey dinners and spaghetti dinners (with great sauce!) just validated the whole down-to-earth dining experience.  Unfortunately we didn't have room for the pies, but regained out appetites the next morning for a return to KC's  for some breakfast.  The omelettes, belgium waffles and pancakes were about the best we've ever had, but what really clinched the whole, memorable experience was looking across the room and finding such a pure sense of community. At the counter and booths,
everyone seemed to know each other -- wrapped in conversation, laughs and genuine interest in the other person(s).  Now, we get some of that small-town feeling back home in our Boston suburbs, but nothing like this. What a warm feeling it was coming to K.C.'s for some great food and neighborly ambiance that cannot be fully described, but only experienced -- I guess you just had to be there!  We'll be back many more times for breakfast, lunch and dinner (KC's also has a well regarded motel, right next to the restaurant).

Brooks' House of Bar-B-Q (5560 State Highway 7
Oneonta, NY, Tel. Phone: 607-432-1782) , about a half-hour drive from Cooperstown in Oneonta, offers a wonderful family-style dining experience.  The barbecue chicken and St. Louis pork ribs are standouts. With very friendly service, a seating capacity of 300 (hard to believe this was a concession stand in the 1950s) and perhaps the indoor longest barbecue pit in the country at 38 ft. in length, Brooks' House of Bar-B-Q creates a welcoming, fun atmosphere for the family.  Oh yes, we almost forgot, the delicious blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream is not to be missed!

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