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Cooperstown family travel and classic baseball videos can be viewed on  every page of this site (after each article, excluding the homepage)!

Cooperstown Family Calendar of Events

Springfield, NY, Fourth of July Parade
Springfield Fourth of July Parade

Read about the latest family attractions events in the Cooperstown area, including news from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The Farmers' Museum, and Fenimore Art Museum.

Cooperstown on a Budget

Cooperstown NY Community Band
The Cooperstown Community Band offers free concerts during the summer

Gas prices and general inflation got you down? Maximize your hard-earned money by following these money-saving Cooperstown vacation tips.

Family Travel Beyond Cooperstown

Howe Caverns, Cobleskill, NY
Howe Caverns in Cobleskill, NY, features an 80-minute tour of a living, limestone cave, carved by an underground river over the course of millions of years, located 156-feet below the earth's surface!

Cooperstown is truly a great American travel destination, but did you know that many of the surrounding towns offer endless scenic beauty and many family-oriented attractions? Read all about visiting "Otsego County and just beyond!"

Cooperstown For Your Parents' Special Getaway

Lakefront Park, Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY
Lakefront Park can provide a place for parents to reconnect and reflect

Parents need their own special time together, too. read about why Cooperstown can be a special getaway for Mom and Dad!
Cooperstown and Otsego County NY Businesses:


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Kid-Friendly Hotels in Cooperstown

Best Western Inn and Suites Cooperstown pool
Best Western Inn and Suites at the Commons

Browse Cooperstown, NY, Hotels - - Compare rates, make online reservations at discount rates!

Cooperstown for Kids Hotel Travel Tip of the day: If you are planning to be in Cooperstown for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's Hall of Fame Weekend on July 25-28(with Induction on Sunday July 27), RESERVE NOW! Rooms fill up quickly for this historical, and fun weekend!

Otsego Lake
Lake View Motel
Terrace Motor Inn

Green Apple Inn

Minutes to the Village
Red Carpet Inn

Hotel Chains Near Cooperstown Dreams Park
Best Western Inn and Suites at the Commons
Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Cooperstown

Lodging Near Cooperstown

Cherry Valley

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